Welcome to Evolutions of Science.  As a beginning science writer with a background in cancer biology research, I hope to use this blog as a place to describe, discuss, critique and marvel at scientific discoveries.  So much of the work that is done in science labs is unfamiliar, unclear and unexplained to those outside the labs.  I would like to change that, to start a dialogue and increase understanding.  By talking about the projects and the experiments, I hope that we all begin to comprehend the great impact that scientific research has on our lives.

By calling the blog “Evolutions of Science,” I realize I am applying an unoriginal term, but I will explain why I do.  I use “evolution” here as an indication of how science research – from one experiment to the next, one project to the next and one area to the next – builds upon the work done before.  As new discoveries are made, older ones are refined and changed.  Ever-evolving research and new ideas are what keep our knowledge of the world around us fresh and (most importantly) accurate.  Science is exciting.  Because it is unknown.  Because it is uncertain.  Because new discoveries are waiting to be made.  And in the work that scientists do, they add a line, a curve, a shape to the picture of scientific understanding.  Sometimes mistakes are made, but further work can erase or refine misplaced lines.  Only by slowly adding to the picture of science will the truth of the world around us – and beyond – be revealed.


One response to “Welcome

  1. Great start to a blog, Caroline! I’ll look forward to seeing what you do when you focus on a specific story.

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